Market and Technology

SGL Group

Working Group activities in the area market and technology

The Working Group Hybrid Lightweight Technologies concentrates the exchange of experience on technological developments in the research group “Technologies and Processes”. Therefore, co-workers from the members’ technological management departments and institute representatives meet on a semi-annual basis.

To support the product marketing of technology providers from the member circle, technical information sheets for process understanding of thermosetting and thermoplastics manufacturing processes have been compiled. They point to providers along the value chain, which are represented on the Composite Arena website.

In the Downloads area, you can find studies, in which the working group was involved, on the serial production of composite components, lightweight construction in mechanical engineering, or the relevance of future materials for mechanical engineering. There, you can also download publications taken from the VDMA member magazine that deal with technological innovations and market estimations by the members.

As the supporter of the Composite Europe trade fair in Stuttgart, the working group supports its members in the presentation of innovations. Innovations can also take place and be presented at the International Composites Congress, which is co-hosted by the working group.

In collaboration with the trade association Composites Germany, the working group conducts a market survey on fibre-reinforced plastics every six months. It addresses over 750 members firms of the Composite Industry. The trends that can be determined by the survey are published. Detailed data is reserved to the participants of the survey.